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We at IGS (Innovative Game Studio) believe that a game is always an opportunity to meet, a get-together between people, between friends, between family members. When playing a game we are can be ourselves, released from any of our regular roles. A game is our chance to regain some of the freedom we once had, and therefore we made it our goal to develop a new generation of games, allowing all of us to meet at eye level, to relive the experience of get-togethers as they once were, and bring it into tomorrow's games.


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let's talk divorce

An experiental game for families in divorce

"It is agreed upon most researchers and clinicians that the effects of the divorce crisis are negative, certainly for most children (Driman, 1994; Amato, 2000, 2014). The negative effects are reinforced when there is no dialogs, discourse or mediation and support around the various issues that arise, and around the emotional significance of the changes. Even though those changes in the family are so common, there aren’t many tools which can help a parent or even a therapist to deal with those issues. For this purpose, we created ‘Let’s Talk Divorce’, a game, suggested to parents and therapists as an instrument, a way of working through the issues that arise in an experiential way


"Let's Talk Divorce" encourages:

  • The ability to deal with the subject of divorce in a playful, safe, and pleasant way.

  • Openness, attentiveness, and acceptance amongst all family members.

  • The ability to reflect on the changes that each and every family member has gone through.

Nine Doors

“Nine Doors” is a new card game that was born from experience of over 15 years working with parents and children. This game helps to develop the relationship between parents and children, by enabling to create an open and positive dialogue about many different subjects, and this in a playful and experiential way.


The game's secret lies in the connection between the emotional content (the questions behind the doors) and the use of the familiar and beloved game Tic-Tac-Toe, which motivates and encourages the children to answer questions openly and in great detail, in order to obtain a sequence of three keys and win. The game is suitable for children from ages 5 to adult. 

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They wrote about “Nine Doors”

A new game that awakes and invigorates the child to an honest and open dialogue with the parent and it does that in an interesting manner in form of a game, reminding us of “Tic-Tac-Toe” >>

- Laisha Magazine

Nine Doors, is the name of the card game, which had me and Emma (a quarter to five years old) enraptured.Due disclosure – up to the birth of my youngest daughter, Hailey, I ran a complementary medicine clinic and therapeutic >>

-Tal Gur

The new children’s game, Nine Doors, is a fun, pleasant game, which will give you quality time with your children, and incidentally allow you to “extract” from them things about themselves, and get to know them better >>


A game which is a basis for pleasant conversation between parents and children. The cards bring up fears, sentiments and thoughts by the entire family, in a light, pleasurable setting >>

- Ynet News

It is often easier to develop a conversation with the child and hear about his sensations and experiences through a game>>


Nine Doors – the family game which will save you from “Mommy, I’m bored” moments.

“Tell the story 'The Giant Turnip' from the beginning to the end”, “What makes you laugh?”, “Tell a secret >>





Lucky to have “Nine Doors”



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Eran Hadomi (M.S.W)

Clinical social worker and psychotherapist (Former Mental Health Officer 8200, Reservist) specializes in working with parents and children. Lecturer at the Central School for social workers, various colleges and universities. Gives workshops in various areas related to children and adolescents.